Your Fifth Wall

Most people don’t recognize how dark their home is until they get some daylight into it. It’s amazing how easily daylighting can transform a dark space into a usable room. We can tell you how truly amazing daylight is, but the best way we can convince you is to show you—After all, seeing is believing.

Daylight is the most important element in your home. It controls how you perceive the environment; changing a small dark room into an inviting, uplifting space.

Rachel Nall, RN, BSN, CCRN
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Daylighting isn’t the only element you can add to your home. The Solar Fresh Air Skylight by VELUX brings natural venting to your home. No one want to smell leftover fish all day, nor do you want to breath in chemical residues from synthetic materials, like your carpeting, cleaning products, paint and upholstered furniture. Venting skylights make your home a healthier environment.

Blinds Give You the Ultimate in Light Control


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Designed for ease of use, the blind uses the same remote as the skylight and is easily programmed for home automation. It can also enhance your skylights energy performance by 40%!

Vaulted or cathedral ceiling? Flat ceiling?

It’s easy to visualize a skylight shaft in a cathedral or vaulted ceiling, but what about in a flat ceiling? This video demonstrates the difference.

Flat Ceilings

Cathedral or Vaulted Ceilings