MAGS BAR Kitchen Skylight

We need more light in our kitchen.

The owners of this residence in the Hilltop neighborhood of Denver wanted to improve the daylighting in their kitchen. What they got by modifying their fifth wall—the ceiling—was a complete transformation of the kitchen! The space seems much larger and more open and welcoming. People will naturally gravitate to the room to “bask” in the sunlight.

Solarban® 70XL Solar Control Low-E Glass

When adding a skylight(s) of this size to a room, the glass that is used must be chosen carefully. Our experience and expertise are used to achieve a balance of properties. The glass chosen for the project, Solarban® 70XL Solar Control Low-E Glass, has a transparent, color-neutral aesthetic and unprecedented solar control and visible light transmittance characteristics.

What does this mean? It means the glass has no tint, admits lots of light and blocks lots of the heat.

The finished project:

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