Velux LuxGuard Dome Skylights

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Polycarbonate Skylights with Innovative Technology at Traditional Dome Prices New and Improved Frame Design 1 50-year Silicone. 2 Glazing Spacer: Reduces noises associated with expansion and contraction. Condensation release. 3 Inner Dome: Rests on material with similar expansion/contraction—durability. 4 Inner Frame: Innovative, encapsulating one-piece thermoplastic …

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Skylight Retrofit | Acrylic to Polycarbonate

velux polycarbonate dome 25067

Curb Mount Skylight Replacement from Acrylic to VELUX LuxGuard Polycarbonate. Curb mount skylights are common in the Denver metro area. Typically, acrylic domes around 2′ x 4′. And typically energy inefficient, noisy, and susceptible to hail damage. Caught in the hailstorm that hammered west metro Denver with golf …

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