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Working closely with manufacturers, architects, and customers, our team is committed to creating better home and work spaces with the addition of natural daylighting elements.

A little history:

In 1980 Rob Packard, having been in the construction industry since 1975, helped found See the Light Construction at a location on south Broadway in Denver, Colorado.

In 1986 See the Light  becomes Skylight Specialists. A year later Rob buys out all partners to become sole owner and then incorporates in 1992.

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10658 W Centennial Rd
Suite 300
Littleton, CO 80127
Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

Steadily growing since 1980 The company has expanded to two divisions and more than 40 employees—many of whom have been with the firm in excess of 10 years.

rob 2

Rob Packard


Proud of the high customer satisfaction and A+ Better Business Bureau rating, Rob is the driving force behind a highly trained team of specialists experienced in all aspects of residential and commercial skylight construction.

Dan Packard 6203

Dan Packard


I had the pleasure of moving into the family business in 2009. Since then our company family has more than tripled in employees and work load. I am so excited and proud to be able to be part of this incredible expansion and journey!

Our Support Specialists


Sarah Phillips

Director of Operations

Hometown: Sioux Falls, SD

Education: BA – CU Denver
Free Time: is devoted to my husband of 15 years and our 3 children. Favorite activities are lacrosse, cub scouts, girl scouts and volunteering for veterans and other causes.

Cynthia 2019

Cynthia Jett

Office Manager

Hometown: Riverside, CA

Favorite Quote: “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

Free Time: Spending time with friends and family, taking Winston, my Pomeranian, to the dog park and going to Estate sales.

Allison Winder 5993

Allison Winder

Front Desk Administrator

Hometown: Conifer, CO

About Me: I’m a Colorado Native and mother of a beautiful 7 year old son named Zayden. I enjoy hiking, shopping and brunch with my friends. I live in the mountains and would only commute this far to work for a company this wonderful.

Michael Elaire

Project Manager

Hometown: Santa Clarita, CA

Education: In Photography and Videography

Free Time: I like to keep myself behind the lens to capture imagery and in creative storytelling.

Phillip Mojica 5871

Phillip Mojica

Warehouse Manager

Hometown: La Habra, CA

About Me: I’m a big fan of going to concerts and can’t wait to get back to it! I’ve been at Skylight Specialists for 2 years and I’ve had the opportunity to travel all over the country doing interesting jobs.

Our Residential Specialists

Devin Birmingham 5286

Devin Birmingham

Daylighting Expert

Hometown: Littleton, CO

About Me: Married Colorado native and father of 4 beautiful kids who enjoys the arts, music, and the outdoors. From the field to the sales team, I’ve been blessed to grow in a company where I love what I do and who I work with.


Josh Ewing

Daylighting Expert

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

About Me: Had a love for the mountains ever since vacationing here with my family. Now I’m living in the place I’ve wanted to be since I was little and working for an amazing company that has treated me like family.

Julia Johns 5811

Julia Johns

Daylighting Expert

Hometown: Rochester, NY

About Me: I came to Colorado because I wanted a change in scenery and fell in love with the mountains. I was lucky enough to fall in with the most wonderful company ever! I look forward to learning and growing with Skylight Specialists!.

Stan DSC_9110-2

Stan Davies

Daylighting Expert

Hometown: Boulder, CO

Education: Front Range Community College, American Institute of Banking

Hobbies: Musical Instruments and the endless remodeling of my home.

Free Time: Raising an amazing daughter.

On the Roof

Jonathan Kolenc 5778

Jon Kolenc

Master Specialist

Hometown: Littleton, CO

About Me: I have been a part of the Packard family since I was in grade school and have worked for SSI since 2008. Since starting here I have learned every level of commercial skylight work and have traveled throughout the US doing this amazing and unique work!

Mark Brusca 6075

Mark Brusca

Master Specialist

Hometown: St Louis, MO

About Me: I moved here from Missouri and have built a 30 year career with Skylight Specialists. I have watched the company change from just Rob and I working together on local projects to working all over the US.

Barry Rosser 5089

Barry Rosser

Field Manager (Level 5)

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

About Me: I’ve been working for Skylight Specialists ever since I moved to Denver. I love working for a company that feels more like family than a place of employment. When I’m not installing skylights I love spending time with my wonderful fiancé, Monica.

Davin Northcote 5239

Davin Northcote

Senior Install Technician (Level 5)

Hometown: Conifer, CO

About Me: I’m a Colorado native – born and raised in Conifer. I love cooking, hiking and computer gaming. 50% of hard work is just showing up and I appreciate the opportunity to spread that mentality at Skylight Specialists.

Paul Thiel 5168

Paul Thiel

Senior Install Technician (Level 5)

Hometown: Littleton, CO

About Me: I was born and raised right here in Littleton, CO. I enjoy working on my trucks and hanging out with my friends and dog. I love the challenge of installing a skylight and seeing the difference it makes in a customer’s home.

Kevin Hyatt 5438
Kevin Hyatt
Technician (Level 4)
Kevin Simpson
Technician (Level 3)
Devin Prezant 5142
Devin Prezant
Technician (Level 3)
Daniel Taylor
Technician (Level 2)
Marcus Visek 5106
Marcus Visek Technician (Level 1)
Ignat Zverev
Technician (Level 1)