Replace Venting Dome Skylights

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The venting dome skylights were in poor shape. The owner of this residence in the Mission Viejo neighborhood of Aurora, CO reported that while the venting dome skylights had not leaked in 15 years, the mechanisms seemed to be breaking down and one handle had fallen off. In addition, …

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Skylight Shaft | Single four way flare

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A single skylight with a shaft flared on all sides. Rafters Covered. A four way flared shaft, while more complicated to construct, is very effective in spreading the light throughout the room. Perfect for placing above wide windows, it allows one skylight to balance the …

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Skylight Shaft | Four by One Wrapped

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Four skylights side by side. Trusses Wrapped: There is a choice to wrap the trusses individually or drywall the entire truss. These rafters were wrapped completely, from roof to ceiling. Skylights side by side allow for unique light designs in the room, very pretty.

VELUX Fresh Air Skylight

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Adding fresh air and ventilation to a home is essential to health and well-being. Our Reviews Benefits