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Velux GGL to GPU The obsolete Velux GGL roof windows. The owner of this residence located in the Beaver Creek ski resort had screwed the skylights closed for ten years. He contacted us after getting them open again and said it was time to replace them. The center pivoting GGL roof windows have not been …

VELUX CABRIO® Balcony Roof Window

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THE IMPACT IS STUNNING! Open your world. VELUX CABRIO® balcony opens in seconds to give your loft space a place in the sun. The innovative balcony adds air, light and a great view to your home. For added convenience, the VELUX CABRIO® balcony fits flush with the roof when closed.


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Roof windows are perfect for upper floor bonus rooms where they will be within reach for easy opening. MORE FLEXIBILITY AND BETTER VIEWS VELUX GGU CENTER-PIVOT Roof Window Roof Window Features

Velux GGU Roof Window Replacement

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Typical VELUX Center Pivot Roof Window Replacement. The owners of this residence, built in 1982 in Morrison’s Willow Springs Country Club subdivision, were forced to replace their older GGU roof window. The Velux GGU -PK10 is probably the most common size we replace in our metro area. It’s a fairly large window—about 3 foot by …

VELUX GPU Roof Window Replacement

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A Typical VELUX GPU Top Hinged Roof Window Replacement. Built in 1895, this residence in Denver’s Washington Park neighborhood had an older GPU roof window.The top hinged roof window is a GPU SK06, a common size in the Denver metro area. About 4 foot by 4 foot. Large enough to serve as an emergency exit.The …

Velux Cabrio Installation

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A Skylight that allows the freedom to look around. What Is a Cabrio Skylight? A Cabrio Skylight is designed to take the place of a dormer. A dormer is a window set vertically in a structure projecting through a sloping roof. The Cabrio provides ventilation and light, just like a dormer, with two added bonuses: …