Skylight Glass Replacement I Littleton

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The Advantage of Velux In 2014, we replaced eight skylights for a customer of ours in Littleton. The existing skylights at the time were made by Roto-Frank, a company that has now been out of business for several years. Those old Roto skylights on this …

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Large Dome Skylights Replacement

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Tandem acrylic dome skylights are cracked and leaking. The new owner of this residence in Littleton, CO, a suburb on the south side of the Denver metro area, contacted us regarding his leaking dome skylights. The pair of acrylic domes sit over an interior courtyard …

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Skylight Shaft | Three by One Wrapped

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There is a choice to wrap the trusses individually or drywall the entire truss. These rafters were wrapped completely, from roof to ceiling. The skylights and shafts are sized and positioned to balance the light coming from the large windows.