Flat Roof Skylights

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Perfect for new installations.

Quick and easy solution
for skylights on a flat roof

The CurveTech skylight features an innovative curved-shaped glass surface that lets in more daylight, easily drains rainwater, and stands out externally as a modern addition to roof surfaces.

CFP – Fixed Flat Roof Skylight

  • Highly energy efficient, direct roof mount that brings large amounts of sunlight through a flat roof.
  • Double-glazed window with protective curved-shaped glass or polycarbonate cover.
  • Protective cover keeps inner pane warmer, reducing likelihood of condensation and minimizing sound from rain and hail.
  • Maintenance-free PVC curb with polystyrene insulation.
CFP CurveTech
CurveTech Protective Cover
CFP poly
Polycarbonate Protective Cover
CFP sizes

CXP – Flat Roof Exit Skylight

  • Provides roof access to flat roofs.
  • Sleek internal appearance with a 60° opening angle.
  • Insect screen not available.
  • Available as large as 4’ x 4’.
  • Manually operated.
CXP sizes