MAGS Bar Features

Multiple Application Glazing System

We have designed and perfected our own unique aluminum glazing system, MAGS BAR, which allows us to repair/replace any shape or size skylight with any type of glazing.

MAGS BAR has survived the effects of time and the extremes of Colorado weather—including recent record breaking wind and hail storms—and will provide years of maintenance free enjoyment.

New for ’22 – 10 year NO LEAKS Workmanship Warranty

Ten Year
No Leak Warranty

Skylight Specialists, Inc.


  • An aluminum glazing system—lightweight, but very strong.
  • Custom built to fit the desired opening.
  • Neoprene glazing seals and thermal break that have survived the test of time.
  • Thermal break and built in gutter to control condensation.
  • Flush glazing system for sill to avoid unsightly dirt lines.
  • Maintenance free (no peeling paint or warping wood).
  • Attractive black anodized aluminum—can be powder coated any color.
  • Low profile—blends into roof line.
  • Ten Year Leak Proof Warranty when installed by Skylight Specialists, Inc. trained technicians.*

Glazing Options:

Glazing is defined as any kind of material that will transmit light.

Glazing choices are nearly limitless – acrylic – polycarbonate (for better hail resistance than acrylic) – single wall – double wall – multicell construction – colors—you name it.

We recommend using dual pane, lowE³, insulated glass for its clarity and superior control of the amount of light, heat gain or loss, and UV rays.

Save energy year round!

Advances in LoE glass technology keeps your home cooler and more comfortable by reflecting the sun’s heat and UV rays, reducing summer’s cooling costs..

In winter, LoE glass keeps your home warmer and more comfortable by reducing heat loss to the cold temperatures outside, lowering heating costs.

Cardinal 272 LoE² Good720.41
Cardinal 366 LoE³ Better year-round comfort 650.27
Solarban® 70 LoE³ Better year-round comfort 64.28
Solarban® 90 LoE³ Best for heat control510.23
VLT – Visible Light Transmittance
SHGC – Solar Heat Gain Coefficient – The amount of solar radiation that enters a building as heat. The lower the number, the better the glazing is at preventing solar gain.

Call us, we’ll discuss options.

  • There needs to be a structure under our bar that is able to support the live and dead loads.
  • The structure is typically specified as being a 3″ wide support around the perimeter of the system.
  • The opening needs to be divided to keep glass sections 50 square feet or smaller.

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