Healthy Living

The quality of your home’s environment greatly impacts your well being and quality of life.
Sunlight and fresh air can change the way you live and how you feel about your home—daylight makes us feel good!

  • Indoor Air Pollutants

    Indoor Air Pollutants
    The air inside your home contains pollutants from everyday activities. People and their activities: cooking, bathing, cleaning. Volatile organic compounds:..
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  • Freshening Stuffy Rooms

    Freshening Stuffy Rooms
    If there’s one room in the house that cries out for fresh air, it’s the kitchen. And if there’s a second room that can benefit from Mother Nature’s sweet ...
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  • Aging-In-Place Upgrades That …

    Aging-In-Place Upgrades That Look Great and Make Sense
    Do the words “aging in place” and “home improvement” conjure images of institutional-looking grab bars in bathrooms and overhead kitchen lights that could illum…
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