New Installation | MAGS BAR

Creating a New Light Source

Built in 1964, this Ponderosa Hills home provides fantastic living space to its owners with the exception of one common problem: Not enough light!

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Light coming from one source creates glare and harsh shadows.

Fortunately, the size of the room allowed us to put more options on the table in terms of creating more daylight. Various types of product (VELUX for example) would have suited the needs of this particular setting but it was our MAGS BAR that allowed us to expand the reach of that new light.

Living Room Upgrade

An already comfortable living room is now upgraded to a brighter and seemingly more expansive space thanks to the addition of the new skylight! We positioned the installation evenly above the existing wall window to provide balance and effectively open their “Fifth Wall”.

Products Used

Using our aluminum framing system, MAGS BAR, our customers have the ability to customize their new day-light source. There is a wide range of glazing available and optimizing its performance is very important. With the installation taking place in the customer’s living room, we used an insulated Solarban 70 glass that will reflect a moderate amount of warmth back into the room during winter and reject the sun’s heat in the summer, providing year-round comfort.