Stain Grade Skylight | Golden

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I don’t have any issues, I want to upgrade to something newer. This customer, with a residence at the foot of South Table Mountain in Golden, CO, first contacted us in July, 2017. She stated that she didn’t have any problems with her skylights but she was interested in an upgrade to something newer. Built in …

Custom Glazing Retrofit | MAGS BAR

Another victim of the May, 2017 hail storm. Our inspection revealed that the skylight over the sun room in this residence had taken a terrific beating from hailstones. The owners were happy to learn that we could provide a custom glazing solution using Skylight Specialists, Inc. own MAGS BAR system. A custom glazing retrofit like …

Skylight Retrofit | Acrylic to Polycarbonate

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Curb Mount Skylight Replacement from Acrylic to VELUX LuxGuard Polycarbonate. Curb mount skylights are common in the Denver metro area. Typically, acrylic domes around 2′ x 4′. And typically energy inefficient, noisy, and susceptible to hail damage. Caught in the hailstorm that hammered west metro Denver with golf ball and baseball sized stones on May 8, 2017, the …

Deck Mount Skylight Replacement | Golden

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Older skylights are hail damaged. Another victim of the May 2017 hail storm, the age of the five skylights meant no parts are available for repairs. Therefore, the only solution is to replace. A tile roof is delicate in nature. Velux provides flashing designed specifically for tile roofs, and our crews are trained and experienced …

Skylight Shaft | Four by Two

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Two rows of four skylights side by side. Cathedral ceiling: A typical skylight shaft in a cathedral ceiling has a very shallow depth and is flared at the bottom to create a vertical wall. The ceiling joists are wrapped with drywall. This option creates one large shaft and can dramatically alter the spaciousness and feel of a room.