Deck Mount Skylight Replacement

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Our skylights are leaking. The owners of this large house in the northwest section of Greenwood Village, a suburb south of Denver, CO, contacted us about their leaking skylights. The house was built in 1976 and it is unknown when the skylights were installed, but they are an older Velux model and appeared to have surpassed …

Deck Mount Energy Performance Model Replacement

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It’s time for a replacement. The owners of this home in the Meadow Hill neighborhood in Aurora, CO had decided it was time to replace their twenty year old skylights. Battered by hail and reaching the end of their service life, the owners chose to go with Velux Energy Performance Model FS C06 fixed skylights. These …

Stain Grade Skylight | Golden

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I don’t have any issues, I want to upgrade to something newer. This customer, with a residence at the foot of South Table Mountain in Golden, CO, first contacted us in July, 2017. She stated that she didn’t have any problems with her skylights but she was interested in an upgrade to something newer.  Built in …

Deck Mount Skylight Replacement | Golden

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Older skylights are hail damaged. Another victim of the May 2017 hail storm, the age of the five skylights meant no parts are available for repairs. Therefore, the only solution is to replace.  A tile roof is delicate in nature. Velux provides flashing designed specifically for tile roofs, and our crews are trained and experienced …

Skylight Shaft | A pair of skylights

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Two skylights with an equivalent space between them. Sides straight – Ends Flared. This is the “standard” skylight shaft we install. In this particular situation, the structure prevented skylights side by side. However, it works perfectly here. The extra wide flare we installed lights both sides of this central stairwell and opens up the space …

Skylight Shaft | Four by One

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Four skylights side by side. Rafters Covered – Joists Exposed: There is a choice to wrap the trusses individually or drywall the entire truss. These truss rafters were wrapped for drywall but the ceiling joists were faced with wood to enhance the look of beams. This option creates one large shaft and can dramatically alter the …

Skylight Shaft | Four Tandems

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Eight skylights set as  a pair of tandems on each side of the ridge. Trusses Partially Covered: There is a choice to wrap the trusses individually or drywall the entire truss. These rafters were wrapped completely, from roof to ceiling. Skylights side by side allow for unique light designs in the room, very pretty.