Mountain Home Gets Improved Daylighting

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Post and beam structure has an advantage. Post and beam construction is a traditional method of building with heavy timbers rather than pre-cut dimensional lumber and this building method has been used for thousands of years. This residence, located between Lyons and Estes Park, CO, is a modern version of post and beam construction with …

1×2 “Combi” VELUX Replacement | Beaver Creek CO

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Borders Lodge Skylight Replacement Just a couple miles south of Avon is the beautiful mountain village of Beaver Creek. This popular ski-town is home to the sprawling Borders Lodge, an elegant resort that offers fantastic views from it’s unique location on the hillside. The Borders Lodge also houses several older VELUX deck-mount skylights that were …

Deck Mount Skylight Replacement | Golden

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Older skylights are hail damaged. Another victim of the May 2017 hail storm, the age of the five skylights meant no parts are available for repairs. Therefore, the only solution is to replace. A tile roof is delicate in nature. Velux provides flashing designed specifically for tile roofs, and our crews are trained and experienced …

Curb Mounted vs Deck Mounted

Curb Mounted Skylights

Curb mounted skylights are the most common skylight type.  This design requires a box structure for the unit to ‘set’ on.  Generally this box comprises 2×6, or larger construction lumber, set on end, and attached to the roof deck.  The box is then ‘flashed in’ with the

Franktown Skylight, Cladding and Blind Replacement

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VELUX VCS (Venting Curb Solar) Skylight. VELUX Cladding Kit. Roof Replacement Spurs Significant Skylight Upgrade. The owners of this residence built in 1985 in Franktown’s Bannockburn subdivision made a wise choice. When their roof required replacement, they chose to update their seven skylights along with it. Five of their older Velux skylights were replaced. Three deck mount …