New Skylight Installations

A Life Changing Skylight Installation

Anderson skylights 28040 header From the owner: After researching many hours on who we wanted to hire for this job, we decided upon Skylight Specialists. Stan arrived right away and gave us the estimate, answered all our questions and was so kind. Anytime ... Read more

Curb Mount Installation

featured project velux vcs curb install VELUX Curb Mount Skylight — New Installation. Curb mount skylights are the most common of all skylights in the Denver metro area. The most common type and size is typically, acrylic domes and around 2′ x 4′. And, typically they are ... Read more

Deck Mount Installation

featured project deck mount install A Velux Deck Mount Skylight Installation. Deck mount skylights are common in the Denver metro area, especially for new installs. An advantage to the deck mount skylight is a slimmer profile. For a cleaner roof line. They also cut down on installation ... Read more

Skylight Shaft Examples

featured project velux combi flashing

Your mileage may vary! Your skylight shaft totally depends on the structure of your home. Ceiling type is a major factor. We’ve gathered some examples of typical shafts to help you visualize what you might expect…. Read More

Ridge Skylight Project

featured project mags bar retrofit ridge Ridge Skylight Design Frequently we will have an owner or a contractor ask us  for a quote to create a glazed system (skylight) for a project. We typically ask for plans or details. But many times someone in the design process has ... Read more

Curb Mounted Sun Tunnel

featured project TCR sun tunnel install Typical VELUX Curb Mounted SUN TUNNEL Installation. Curb mounted Velux TCR Sun Tunnels are utilized for the same reasons curb mounted skylights are—the roof is below a 3/12 pitch. This Sun Tunnel is only available in a 14″ size. Domes are typically acrylic, ... Read more

Flat Glass Sun Tunnel Install

featured project TLR sun tunnel install VELUX TLR 14 Flat Glass SUN TUNNEL Installation. Flat glass SUN TUNNEL’s are not very common in the Denver metro area. They are typically used when a client desires a low profile on the roof. Some HOA’s ban acrylic domes on ... Read more

Rigid Sun Tunnel Installation

featured-project typical sun tunnel install A VELUX SUN TUNNEL installation is painless! On the phone: A typical Velux Sun Tunnel installation begins with a phone consultation. We will determine the size and number of tube lights for your desired area. With your go ahead, we can place your ... Read more

Sun Tunnel Replacement | New Ceiling Ring

header 27768-26607Our Sun Tunnel is leaking. When the owners of this residence in the Valverde neighborhood of Denver contacted us about their leaking Sun Tunnel, we were a little surprised.  Properly installed, these skylights seldom have issues with leaks. We were happy to ... Read more

Tile Roof Sun Tunnel Installation

header sun tunnel tile 25084 A not so typical installation—a VELUX rigid Sun Tunnel on a tile roof. People call us every day and ask “How much does it cost to have a Sun Tunnel installed?” The answer is “A typical Velux 14″ rigid tube Sun ... Read more

Two Sun Tunnels Installed in Kitchen

header 26076-144530141We’re interested in Sun Tunnels. The owners of this residence in Lone Tree, CO, a suburb on the southern side of the Denver metro area originally expressed interest in overhead lighting in their living area. But after an in home inspection ... Read more