Skylight Repair Projects

With our 40-plus years of repairing skylights we have the experience and the expertise to effectively evaluate and repair any leak or problem that you are experiencing on your home.
Which means you save money!

  • Mountain Skylight Repair | Avon

    Mountain Skylight Repair | Avon
    A Mountain Skylight That Leaks. This mountain skylight repair project, located in Avon, Colorado, involves a large multi-pane skylight that resembles the roof of a sunroom enclosure. There are ...
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  • Mountain Skylight Repair | Evergreen

    Mountain Skylight Repair | Evergreen
    There Is Nothing More Frustrating Then Having To Deal With A Skylight Repair That Isn’t Repaired. This project had the original skylights installed years ago. And, unfortunately, had skylight ...
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  • Skylight Repair | Flashing Replacement

    Skylight Repair | Flashing Replacement
    Poorly designed or installed flashing creates leaks. This home has two identical skylights on the roof and one has been leaking. Caulking has been used in an attempt to ...
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  • Skylight Repair | Wet Seal

    Skylight Repair | Wet Seal
    A leaking Skylight. The owners of this residence in the Washington Virginia Vale neighborhood in southeastern Denver contacted us via Home Advisor and stated they had a leaking skylight. Our ...
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  • Velux Flashing and Cladding Replacement

    Velux Flashing and Cladding Replacement
    Parts Availability is Limited: Replacement VELUX cladding is only available for deck mount skylights.Most VELUX skylights have available flashing kits. Flashing Replacement: Flashing replacement is more labor intensive than cladding replacement. ...
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