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A cost-effective way to  repair or replace existing skylights of nearly any size or shape.


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High Rise Penthouse | MAGS BAR Replacement

High Rise Penthouse | MAGS BAR ReplacementThe skylight in the penthouse apartment of this high rise has damaged glass, including cracks and failed seals. To bring in a crane large enough to lift crates to the Read more

MAGS BAR Custom Color Retrofit

MAGS BAR Custom Color RetrofitThe owners had another concern—How do they modernize their problem skylights and maintain the vintage appearance of their beautiful brick home? Read more

Spanish Tile Project

Spanish Tile Project Glass Skylights on a Spanish Tile Roof The skylights on this home were at the end of their lifespan. The unique challenge of this project was being able to install custom sized glass skylights that could be weatherproofed to a Spanish ... Read more

Unusual Skylight Project

Unusual Skylight Project Is a Triangular Skylight an Unusual Skylight? An unusual skylight is sometimes considered difficult to deal with because of it being an unusual shape. However, we do not consider this unusual at all. If you can imagine a shape, we can construct ... Read more

Acrylic Cluster Dome Replacement

Acrylic Cluster Dome Replacement Acrylic Dome Skylights Have Surpassed Their Life Span. The homeowners had issues with their acrylic dome skylights. Installed in a cluster formation when the home was built, they had aged beyond their lifespan. The skylights were having problems with cracking and leaking, ... Read more

Hail Damaged Custom Skylights

Hail Damaged Custom Skylights Hail Damaged Custom Skylights Need Replacement. This residence in Greenwood Village’s Huntington Acres subdivision had severely hail damaged custom skylights and a damaged roof. An Odd Skylight, But a Typical Curb Mount Replacement: This particular home had six skylights; two standard sized older Velux  skylights ... Read more