New Roof and Skylight Replacement

New roof—New skylights—It’s a great idea!

When the owners of this residence decided to replace their hail damaged roof, they decided to replace their skylights at the same time. Skylight Specialists was hired by their roofing contractor, All Seasons Exteriors, to replace the skylights.

This is a very common situation for us and we know how to coordinate with the roofer so that the installation goes smoothly. For this project, we arrive after the roofer has stripped the roof down to the decking. We strip the flashing and remaining shingles from around the old skylight and the roofer puts down the underlayment We install the new manual venting skylight, a Velux model VS C04, and apply ice and water shield around it. This provides an air and watertight seal between the skylight and the underlayment.

We leave the Velux flashing kit onsite—the roofers will interweave the flashing with the new shingles when they reach the skylight in their process.

A common problem on the interior.

It is typical when replacing an obsolete skylight with a new model for the new skylight to not match up with the drywall of the existing skylight shaft. There are a number of ways to address this problem depending on the exact situation and this is where our expertise comes into play. With this project, the sides of the shaft were acceptable and the top and bottom were not.

At the bottom:

The gap between the skylight and the drywall was too great to allow the normal attachment of the interior trim. In this case, adding a piece of wood to fill the gap was a simple solution.

At the top:

The problem and solution is the same as found at the bottom of the skylight.

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