Stain Grade Skylight | Golden

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I don’t have any issues, I want to upgrade to something newer. This customer, with a residence at the foot of South Table Mountain in Golden, CO, first contacted us in July, 2017. She stated that she didn’t have any problems with her skylights but she was interested in an upgrade to something newer. Built in …

Indoor Air Pollutants

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THE AIR INSIDE YOUR HOME CONTAINS POLLUTANTS FROM EVERYDAY ACTIVITIES. People and their activities: cooking, bathing, cleaning. Volatile organic compounds: chemicals released from household cleaners and products like paint, upholstery, carpeting and plastics. Pets. Dust mites. IT’S ALSO PRETTY MOIST. A family of four can produce the equivalent of 22-30 pounds of moisture per day …

Bright and Fresh Bathroom

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SIMPLE WAYS TO MAKE THE SPACE FRESH AND WELCOMING If there’s one room in the house that cries out for fresh air, it’s the kitchen. And if there’s a second room that can benefit from Mother Nature’s sweet breath, it’s the bathroom. When humidity and odors build up in a room, a host of disagreeable …

Replacing an Old, Bubble Skylight

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See how easy it is to replace an old, plastic skylight with a new VELUX No Leak Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylight.

The new skylight offers a clear view of the sky with insulated glass.