Small Bathroom Makeovers

Skylight in a Bathroom

5 Bathroom Makeovers in 60 Square Feet or Less See how designers and remodelers changed layouts and materials to make these bathrooms more stylish and functional. Again the designers missed out an opportunity to use skylights to bring a feeling of spaciousness to these small …

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Sun Tunnel Brightens Bathroom

Couple decides to renovate children’s bathroom. Before: “The bathroom was dark and dingy,” interior designer Christie Hausmann says. The couple wanted to make it a light and bright space. After: Hausmann replaced the existing window with a smaller one due to privacy concerns. But installing …

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Indoor Air Pollutants

apples and water

The air inside your home contains pollutants from everyday activities. People and their activities: cooking, bathing, cleaning. Volatile organic compounds:..

Bright and Fresh Bathroom

kids bathroom

SIMPLE WAYS TO MAKE THE SPACE FRESH AND WELCOMING If there’s one room in the house that cries out for fresh air, it’s the kitchen. And if there’s a second room that can benefit from Mother Nature’s sweet breath, it’s the bathroom. When humidity and …

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