Replace Skylights and Combi Flashing

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Hail damaged skylights. Built in 1983, this 2500 sq ft home sits on 10 acres near Castle Rock, CO. These skylights had taken a beating from another Colorado hail storm . Unfortunately, due to their age, replacement parts were no longer available. A complete replacement …

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A Life Changing Skylight Installation

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From the owner: After researching many hours on who we wanted to hire for this job, we decided upon Skylight Specialists. Stan arrived right away and gave us the estimate, answered all our questions and was so kind. Anytime I called Stan with further questions, …

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Deck Mount Skylight Replacement

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Our skylights are leaking. The owners of this large house in the northwest section of Greenwood Village, a suburb south of Denver, CO, contacted us about their leaking skylights. The house was built in 1976 and it is unknown when the skylights were installed, but they …

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Skylight Shaft | Three by One Wrapped

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There is a choice to wrap the trusses individually or drywall the entire truss. These rafters were wrapped completely, from roof to ceiling. The skylights and shafts are sized and positioned to balance the light coming from the large windows. 

Skyight Shaft | Ridgelights

skylight shaft ridgelight

Two pairs of skylights. Cathedral ceiling: Two pairs of skylights in a cathedral/vaulted ceiling on either side of the ridge, creates a ridgelight. Besides a beautiful sky view, a ridgelight, with light coming from two directions, creates an excellent daylighting situation in the space below.