Velux Venting Skylight Installation

Modern technology adds fresh air to aging skylights replacement.

The homeowner needed ventilation in this large room, but a venting skylight was not available for the oversized opening of the existing custom skylights. However, with some careful design, each opening could be filled with two skylights—a solar operated venting skylight above a fixed skylight.

January snows do not stop us from replacing skylights.

If you clean most of the snow off a roof a couple of days before the project is scheduled to start, our Colorado sunshine will usually melt the rest.

The three original custom skylights will be replaced with three pairs of skylights.

With an opening of 30″ x 70″, we were able to fill the space with a 30″ x 30″ solar venting skylight and a 30″ x 38″ fixed skylight below.

A pair of skylights over an entryway are also replaced.

A very standard installation on a tile roof. The tiles, battens and old skylights are removed. The new skylight is attached to the roof deck and a sticky underlayment is used to provide a weatherproof seal.

Re-installing the tiles along with Velux flashing engineered for tile roofs completes the installation.

Product Used:

The Skylight:

  • Two VELUX FS C06 (22×46) and three FS M04 (30×38) Fixed Deck Mount Skylights. Three VSS M02 (30×30) Solar Venting skylights.
  • Velux engineered, aluminum EDW flashing.
  • White, light-filtering solar operated shades for all.

Standard Features:

  • Clean, Quiet, Safe, Neat Glass
  • Velux ten year no leak warranty on product and installation, including glass breakage by hail up to 2″ diameter.
  • Pre-finished white frame.
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