Acrylic Pyramid Dome Cluster Retrofit

Hail damaged and leaking cluster skylight.

This 6 bay cluster skylight has its problems. Not only has a hailstone punctured one of the pyramid domes, the acrylic has faded and discolored. The owners of this residence in Greenwood Village just west of the Denver Tech Center realized it was time to replace the skylight.

They opted to accept our bid to replace the skylight with Skylight Specialists MAGS BAR, a system designed to accept multiple types of glazing. Heat strengthened Solarban 60 in clear over clear insulated units were chosen for this project. With its ability to block 62 percent of total solar energy while allowing 70 percent of visible light to pass through, this glass provides the ultimate in transparency and visual clarity combined with energy efficiency.

replace-acrylic dome cluster 6491-2888
Notice the hole in the bottom center acrylic pyramid dome and the large crack in the upper left..

The difference is remarkable!

All acrylic exposed to the sun and weather becomes more brittle over time and can become discolored and/or hazy.

Looks great in and out.

The clarity of the glass glazing makes the sky feel like a part of the room. Your view doesn’t stop at the ceiling and the space seems much larger and more inviting.

The MAGS BAR system has a low profile and comes standard with a black anodized finish for a sleek appearance on any roof.

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