Dome Home Skylight Retrofit

The Perfect Match

Since 1981, this dome home located in Parker has offered quite the contrast to the typical home models we’re used to, especially the new builds in recent years. Skylight Specialists is very familiar with the property, as we’ve replaced four other skylights in the past 10 years before this last project finally took place. All of the replacement skylights used were standard VELUX models.

However, the installation itself was far from standard. The siding of this home is not only curved but has a stucco-type finish all around, making weatherproofing a little more difficult than usual. Our project this time around was the large glazing system on the south side of the home. Our MAGS BAR system is the exact customizable product this home needed, making it a perfect match.

Clean Transition

Once we strip down the existing skylight’s flashing and framing systems, we’re able to prep the structural framing already in place for our MAGS BAR. Typically this framing is lumber we can re-use but we do look for weaknesses or for any possible rotting that may have occurred. In some cases, we install new lumber to reinforce the existing structure in order for our system to be installed appropriately. The skylight system we replaced here did not require any additional framing work. Given the stucco-like material used on the home, the perimeter of the opening was easier to weatherproof than the other skylights on the home.

Traditional Meets Custom

A portion of the original skylight system included two manually operable venting skylights in the top right & left corners (as seen above). Integrating more traditional styled VELUX skylights into our MAGS BAR has been a request made by several customers before this one. Replacing the old hand-crank operated units are solar-powered skylights operable by remote control, the VSS C04. These two skylights tied beautifully into the twelve (12) bay system we were installing, both functionally & aesthetically.

Vertical Glazing

In addition to overhead glazing, certain skylight systems also tie in vertically to the siding of a property, as seen on this project. Four (4) pieces of old glass were replaced here in order to match the rest of the install.

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