Acrylic Cluster Dome Replacement

Acrylic Dome Skylights Have Surpassed Their Life Span.

The homeowners had issues with their acrylic dome skylights. Installed in a cluster formation when the home was built, they had aged beyond their lifespan. The skylights were having problems with cracking and leaking, not to mention they are dangerous and are a fall safety concern; it’s easy to slip and fall through them causing serious injury or death.The skylights are above the dining room and the homeowners love the natural light they give. The owners didn’t want to roof over the openings and remove the benefits of having a skylight.

However, There Were Issues:

  • Cracked and faded acrylic.
  • Leaks.
  • The cluster design of the dome skylights made it challenging to repair.
  • Ugly dome skylights, disrupting the roof-line.

We Custom Fit a MAGS BAR System to the Existing Curb

The new skylight, MAGSBAR, is easily custom-built to fit the existing curb. It is possible to cover the large opening with one piece of glass, however there are many reasons why it is impracticable. We decided to split the skylight glass in the same place where the two dome skylights met before. When we installed the two pieces of insulated glass we sealed the joint between the glass with a butt joint. This is a flush seal created with silicone that produces an ideal joint; it is leak proof and does not trap rain or debris and is the best method for keeping the skylight clean.

mags bar dome skylight 2556
Original flashing

We re-flashed the skylight to the roof properly providing a lifetime of worry free weatherproofing.

Product Used:

  • Black Class 1 finish MAGSBAR custom fit to opening.
  • Double glazed insulated glass.
  • Custom bent sheet flashing.
  • Dow Corning 795 silicone structural sealant.

Besides the Obvious Improvement In Appearance:

  • Fall protected.
  • Better sound qualities and reduced noise pollution.
  • Flat application does not collect debris such as falling leaves, etc., blows off with wind.
  • Better insulation and prevention of heat gain especially in the summer.
  • Better insulation and prevention of heat loss in the winter.
  • Can install sunscreen for daylighting control on the exterior.
  • Easy maintenance, possible to replace glazing if damaged.
  • Black anodized class 1 finish will outlast other finishes.
  • Acrylic domes expand and contract causing popping noises. Glass is always silent.

The updated skylight has many benefits, is more attractive, and will offer a lifetime of worry free weatherproofing.


  • Better aesthetics as a result of its streamlined appearance
  • Removing the old, outdated and ugly bubble domes and modernizing the skylight
  • Increase the home’s property value
  • No required maintenance and lower cost for replacement of glazing
  • High energy efficiency, save money on heating and cooling