Custom Glazing Retrofit | MAGS BAR

Another victim of the May, 2017 hail storm.

Our inspection revealed that the skylight over the sun room in this residence had taken a terrific beating from hailstones. The owners were happy to learn that we could provide a custom glazing solution using Skylight Specialists, Inc. own MAGS BAR system.

A custom glazing retrofit like this occurs in two phases.

In the first phase, after demolition of the original system and necessary repairs to framing, the frame for our system is measured, cut and installed. With the frame in place, exact glass sizes are determined and the opening gets a weatherproof cover. The glass is ordered for phase two.

Phase Two | Set the glass.

Glass is usually received within 2-3 weeks after ordering. Installation is straightforward—the glass fits, of course, everything is buttoned up and all trash is disposed of.

Beautiful results!

custom glazing 25093-152543563
The finished skylight.

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