A Very Unusual Mountain Home

Renovation includes new skylights and a new roof.

When the owner of this oddly shaped home—something like a tepee—decided to renovate, he contacted us to see how we could help. The shake shingles were in very poor shape and the existing skylights, with failed and foggy glass, were needing replacement, also.

Our solution:

Our unique product line and our and vast experience allowed us to come up with a unique solution. We will replace fifteen sections of glazing on the dome roof with our very own MAGS BAR and also install two Velux VSS C08 solar venting skylights. We will do a full roof replacement with new shake shingles and ice and water shield to seal the entire dome.

Some unique challenges.

This project has a couple of unique challenges. For one, the access to the home is very narrow and crosses a creek. Fortunately, we were able make it through with a trailer load of materials using one of our four wheel drive pickups.

mags bar skylights 23160-0943
Crossing the creek is a unique problem for this project.

The other challenge is the height of the home. It takes our longest ladders to reach the bottom of the roof. With the inability to bring a crane in to the location, all of the large pieces of glass need to be manually lifted to the top of the structure using a pair of ladders. This is a tricky operation and requires a great deal of teamwork.

On the outside:

From the inside:

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