Custom Skylight — MAGS BAR Curb Mount

An outdated custom skylight.

Built in 1997, the owners of this residence in Denver’s Hilltop neighborhood had to face the facts. Their skylight had to be replaced.

The original skylight was constructed inexpensively.

Aluminum frame with no thermal break. This transfers heat/cold directly from the exterior to the interior through the frame.

Single pane acrylic glazing. Faded, hazy, sagging, with very little insulating value.

A MAGS BAR curb mount custom skylight retrofit delivers a significant upgrade.

The engineering built into our MAGS BAR glazing system allowed us to span the opening with a single piece of glass.

The removal of the two crossbars dramatically improved the appearance. And eliminated two sources of possible leaks.

A thermally broken frame and low E³ glass contribute to a greatly improved R-value. This skylight could pay for itself in a few years.

Peace of Mind!

  • Maintenance free (no peeling paint or warping wood).
  • Five Year Leak Proof Warranty*.
  • Improved energy efficiency will contribute savings year after year.
  • Attractive black anodized aluminum—can be powder coated any color.
  • Neoprene glazing seals and thermal break that survive the test of time.
  • Built in condensation gutter.


mags bar composite white

MAGS BAR is a non-structural, maintenance free, aluminum glazing system that is custom built to fit the desired opening.

The bar is designed as a clamping system that sandwiches glazing between two bars. Glazing choices are nearly limitless.


* All glass is subject to unexpected breakage and skylight glass is no exception. Our standard warranty does not cover spontaneous breakage due to imperfections undetected or undetectable during the manufacturing process, or for any other reason.

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