15 Year Anniversary for Stan Davies

Northern Skylights Stan Davies came to work for our company 11/15/2002. Since that time he has moved up toward the top, #3 in line, of the longest continuous employed. Stan came to us from the banking industry and both Stan and the company have gone …

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Home Advisor Skylight Review

Here at Skylight Specialists, Inc. we are proud of the references and reviews we receive from our customers. We typically do not ask our customers for references, they come to us naturally. Currently we have over 11,750 different satisfied customers on our customer list. Feel …

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Major Hail Storm Strikes Denver Early May 2017


A major hail storm has hit Denver on May 8th, 2017. We provide emergency skylight covers and can take estimates at the same time. Contact us to get on the list at 303-761-2200. Take a look at some of the photos from around town: