Wildfire Glass

Velux wildfire Sun Tunnel TZR

The Only Sun Tunnel® Skylight of Its Kind The VELUX Curb-Mounted Sun Tunnel® Skylight with Wildfire Glass is a one-of-a kind skylight that meets California’s strict building codes and national Wildland-Urban Interface areas. Features a fireproof tempered diamond wire flat glass, allowing it to pass …

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Curb Mounted Sun Tunnel

featured project TCR sun tunnel install

Typical VELUX Curb Mounted SUN TUNNEL Installation. Curb mounted Velux TCR Sun Tunnels are utilized for the same reasons curb mounted skylights are—the roof is below a 3/12 pitch. This Sun Tunnel is only available in a 14″ size. Domes are typically acrylic, however impact domes …

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Solectric Daylight Systems

The Tubular Skylight Alternative – Using solar to light your home without having to use cumbersome tubes. Finally, you can have daylight where you want it. After more than thirty years of rooftop and Skylight installation experience, Skylight Specialists, Inc. is expanding our product mix …

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