Roto Frank Skylights Parts and Repair

We Do Not Carry Any Replacement Parts For Roto Skylights.

SV, S2V, SF, S2F, Hilight, Galaxy & Stella

Roto Frank of America skylights only had a few models and they have discontinued all skylights and parts are no longer available.

Basic information about getting your Roto Frank skylight repaired.

  1. Find the serial number of your skylight. It is typically found at the top (seen from inside or outside) in the middle, usually imprinted on the white part of the frame on the inside. You do not need any numbers printed directly on the glass. Example of a typical serial number: SV-13-C 7485
  2. If you can’t find the number. Measure the width and length of your skylight. Provide the width dimension first, then the length. Measure anywhere inside or out.
  3. Take a digital picture. Both inside and out.
  4. If you can’t take a picture. Be ready to describe your skylight, such as operable with chain or spring-loaded arms on side, etc.

Try These Sources:

AMSCO – A Maintenance Supply Co, Inc.
27505 Ridge Rd
Damascus, MD 20872

AFM Window and Door Parts

Skylight Specialist
54 Old Dock Road – Suite C
Yaphank, NY 11980
TEL: 631-924-TOPS

14 thoughts on “Roto Frank Skylights Parts and Repair”

  1. I need help in finding glass trap replacement for Roto Frank of America. Glass numbers 703-003LE2-T. Thanks Dave

  2. I need help in getting replacement parts for my Roto Deluxe Electric Skylight System. Where can I purchase them. I have 3 units that need various components. Thank you

    • I have the same issue. Did you ever find the parts? It sounds like the gears are stripped. Motors sound like they are working but don’t open.
      Having difficulty it finding a solution

      • Bill, you can purchase Truth Hardware operators to replace the entire system, or just replace the skylight with a Velux Solar skylight, which you can get 30% tax credit for labor and materials.

  3. I have a sky light that is 25 years just stopped working when my husband went to check it appears that the piece w/30658 broke off from the chain. Below are all the numbers that appear.

    truth 45014 / chain 30955 / links on chain 30821

    Please advise if you can help on what part it is and how much to replace, thanks

  4. You can use a actuator found on EBay or Amazon. The brand is Olide Automatic Electric Chain Windows Opener Motor Actuator (SD 300). The SD300 is the 300mm travel version (opens window 300mm.- 25.4 mm per inch)
    This unit today is $139 plus shipping and comes with a wall controller and a remote..
    I installed the wall controller at the location of the old ROTO controller and just use the remote. But my ROTO skylight actuators are 24VDC and so are the Olive actuators. So if your ROTO controller is working just replace
    the old ROTO actuator with the Olide.
    Note the larger travel you want the larger the size of the actuator. So check first to see if you have the window width to install.

  5. I am in Colorado and have a Roto Frank of America skylight in need of repair. There is moisture between the glass. The numbers on the skylight are 103-001-LE2-T and Typ-Date H-09-C1 F953 GL7. Can you recommend a service provider in the Denver area or provide guidance on a self repair?

    • Pat have you found a 103-001-LE2-T glass replacement, because I have the same problem. Your response would be greatly appreciated.

    • You can remove the venting glass part from the hinge on top side of skylight, ( helps to have two people ) and take it to a local garage door or glass business & most of them can remove & replace the glass only.

  6. I need the rubber gasket around the glass on a fixed skylight. Here are the letters and numbers I found H-17-C1 I963
    NFRC 103-001-LE2-T. It is leaking at the top left corner


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