Solectric Daylight Systems

The Tubular Skylight Alternative – Using solar to light your home without having to use cumbersome tubes. Finally, you can have daylight where you want it. After more than thirty years of rooftop and Skylight installation experience, Skylight Specialists, Inc. is expanding our product mix …

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2010 Skylights

Velux introduces a new deck mounted skylight Once again Velux has redesigned their deck-mounted skylight, and this time I must say for the better! Velux’s old design sat inside the opening on the roof allowing a gap around the perimeter that permitted heat to escape …

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Skylight Poem

by Seamus Heaney The Skylight   You were the one for skylights. I opposedCutting into the seasoned tongue-and-grooveOf pitch pine. I liked it low and closed,Its claustrophobic, nest-up-in-the-roofEffect. I liked the snuff-dry feeling,The perfect, trunk-lid fit of the old ceiling.Under there, it was all hutch …

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Green Skylights

Natural daylighting is a source of energy Natural lighting is the single biggest attraction of installing skylights, with benefits that far exceed lower utility bills. Well-lit homes provide homeowners with healthier, more enjoyable, and more attractive living spaces.David Johnston David Johnston David Johnston is the …

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Joseph Edward Tritchler

Joe Tritchler Father-In-Law of Rob Packard Joe passed away peacefully Christmas morning 2008 in his own home in Lakewood, Colorado.

Velux Skylights History

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History of Velux Skylights Velux is an international company that has been in business since 1941. The story goes that during World War II Mr. Villum Kann Rasmussen was asked to try and find living space for thousands of people that were homeless that had their homes …

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