The “Indoor Generation”

plants child indoors

Imagine yourself as a plant. Pick your favorite spot outside. It could be your back-yard, a special fishing spot, or out on Grandma & Grandpa’s farm back home. Wherever you feel happiest outdoors, plant yourself there. Imagine the sun …

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Freshening Stuffy Rooms

freshen stuffy kitchen

If there’s one room in the house that cries out for fresh air, it’s the kitchen. And if there’s a second room that can benefit from Mother Nature’s sweet breath, it’s the bathroom. When humidity and odors build up in a room, a host of disagreeable results arises, from mold and mildew to dank, unpleasant air.…

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Green Skylights

Natural daylighting is a source of energy Natural lighting is the single biggest attraction of installing skylights, with benefits that far exceed lower utility bills. Well-lit homes provide homeowners with healthier, more enjoyable, and more attractive living spaces.David Johnston …

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