The Differences Between Glass and Acrylic Skylights

acrylic skylight to glass

The Pros and Cons of Glass and Acrylic Skylights Acrylic skylights were the standard skylights in the 1980’s, but in the early 2000’s companies, like the international company Velux, started mass producing glass skylights. The benefits of these newer glass skylights far outweigh the benefits from acrylic skylights. …

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Skylight Clean Glass Technology

neat glass long

Cardinal Glass Rolls Out NEAT Glass Technology This new glass uses two different types of coatings that do two things: Create a smoother surface glass which reduces water beading. Uses the sun to decompose organic material deposited on glass. All products from Velux Skylights will …

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Glass Vs Acrylic Skylights

dome vs fcm

Glass Vs Acrylic, What Exactly Is the Difference? Cost Velux fixed skylight models are cheaper than acrylic. Custom glass skylights cost more than custom acrylic skylights.  The View Glass skylights have a near perfect transparency rating. Acrylic by it’s nature, can add a wavy distortion to the view …

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