Curb Mounted Sun Tunnel

featured project TCR sun tunnel install

Typical VELUX Curb Mounted SUN TUNNEL Installation. Curb mounted Velux TCR Sun Tunnels are utilized for the same reasons curb mounted skylights are—the roof is below a 3/12 pitch. This Sun Tunnel is only available in a 14″ size. Domes are typically acrylic, however impact domes …

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Rigid Sun Tunnel Installation

featured-project typical sun tunnel install

A VELUX SUN TUNNEL installation is painless! On the phone: A typical Velux Sun Tunnel installation begins with a phone consultation. We will determine the size and number of tube lights for your desired area. With your go ahead, we can place your installation on our …

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Low Profile Glass Sun Tunnels

featured project TLR sun tunnel install

New Velux Glass Sun Tunnels Velux is introducing a new Sun Tunnel that utilizes glass instead of acrylic for the exterior lens See link below. See Also Velux Sun Tunnels  Glass Sun Tunnels

Skylights vs Tubelites

Neither the skylight or the tubelite is better than the other, but they do have their specific uses. Don’t use one in place of the other. I was just in a beautiful log cabin in the mountains today where they have eight skylights in their …

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Velux Daylight Lamp

World-famous Designer Develops Daylight Lamp for VELUX Group

Daylighting is essential to our health and Velux’s Sun Tunnel is a great way to bring light into a residential home.

Homeowner Association Restrictions

home exterior

HOA Upgrade Restrictions Homeowner Associations are able to prevent the upgrade from acrylic domes to high performance glass solely on the basis of symmetry.  Holding on to the ‘Brady Bunch Bubble’, for this reason, simply does not make sense economically, environmentally, or aesthetically. Fortunately, many cities …

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Velux 5 Star Service Provider

New Rating System by Velux of America 5 Star Skylight SpecialistThis company specializes in VELUX products and has achieved our company’s highest standard of certification as an independent installer of our product. This company has the ability and desire to assist you with all of …

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