Solectric Daylight Systems

The Tubular Skylight Alternative – Using solar to light your home without having to use cumbersome tubes.

Finally, you can have daylight where you want it. After more than thirty years of rooftop and Skylight installation experience, Skylight Specialists, Inc. is expanding our product mix to include the Solectric Daylight systems. These Solar powered lighting systems bring low cost daylight to any dark corner of your home. This Electronic Skylight seamlessly incorporates Solar Power, and long lasting efficient lighting. The Solectric Daylight System works just like a Skylight. As the Sun moves higher and across the sky, the current from the Solar PV panel increases, and so does the light output from the LED light fixture. A Shed-Pak kit with a battery is available for night use. The Shed-Pak is an excellent option for Detached Garages, Garden Sheds, or any Outdoor Living Space. The Solectric Daylight System also utilizes an optional switch kit with an AC adapter for high efficiency lighting when the Sun is down, or for desired daytime room darkening. These fixtures are perfect for closets, and interior hallways.

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