Wildfire Glass

The Only Sun Tunnel® Skylight of Its Kind

The VELUX Curb-Mounted Sun Tunnel® Skylight with Wildfire Glass is a one-of-a kind skylight that meets California’s strict building codes and national Wildland-Urban Interface areas.

TZR curb mount
TZR/TZRL Curb Mount
TZRQ pan flashed
TZRQ Pan Flashed
Velux Sun Tunnel TZR curb mount
Fireproof tempered diamond wire flat glass
  • Features a fireproof tempered diamond wire flat glass, allowing it to pass an ASTM E108 Class A Burn Brand Test.
  • Designed with a flat glass exterior to pass building codes and strict homeowner’s association regulations, unlike traditional acrylic dome tubular skylights.
  • TZR available for tile, shingle and metal* roof installations. TZRL and TZRQ are available for shingle roofs only. *Flashing for metal roofs not provided by VELUX.
  • TZR/TZRL Includes a total of 64-in. of tunnel material: two 12-in. 45° elbows, one 24-in.extension and 16-in. top collar (adapter).
  • Qualifies for “No Leak” Warranty if installed with VELUX flashing.
  • Added bonus! The TZRL model comes fully packaged with all the necessary components, including flashing, to make for a quick and easy installation.
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Model 14” Delivery Code
ZTR 2’ – 1 unit $56 S
ZTR 4’- 2 units $107 S
ZTR 6’- 3 units $143 S
ZTR 12’- 6 units $258 S
ZTR 24’- 12 units $467 S

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