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Roofers & Skylights

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The Challenge with Roofers and Skylights Do roofers know enough about skylights to do the roof and the skylights at the same time? The answer is yes and no. The fact that our company continues to grow and operate …

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Skylight Installation Timeline

What’s the Timeline on a New Skylight Installation?

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As a professional crew that installs skylights day in and day out, we know more about systematically installing skylights efficiently and quickly.

We typically figure one day per skylight for the installation.

As the project increases in complexity, it can increase the installation time, but we will go over all these details with you beforehand.

Velux Truss Series

Velux Skylight Designed for Builders This special Velux skylight is designed to fit perfectly between truss rafters. Builders like it because it is designed for a simple installation with no problems even when installed by a novice roofer. The …

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