2 Heat Gain/Loss Can Cost You $

header heat gain loss

Increasing Energy Efficiency Will Save You Money Everyday! Poorly designed and cheaply made skylights may save a few dollars at installation, but the money you save can be lost in a few years of wasted energy. We suggest you …

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Solar Exhaust Fans

Power vent your attic space without running electrical power Most people that have attics have inadequate ventilation for those attic spaces. This causes undue heat in the summer into the living space and can cause condensation problems in the …

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Velux Duo Blind (DFD)

Installation Video

This is an installation video of a blind made by Velux that is a dual-purpose blind, both light block and diffused light. Don’t get your hopes up in America though, as it appears that it is not currently available in the states. Cool blind, though. I’m sure we’d have customers interested. If you are an interested customer, let me know and I’ll let Velux know the level of interest out there.

Tinted Skylight

How to block heat from entering your skylight Many people experience too much heat from their skylight in the spring or summer months. This is especially prevalent if the glazing (glass, acrylic, etc.) on the skylight is made of …

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Sunscreen Blocks Skylight Heat

How to Block Heat From Entering Your Skylight Sunscreen is very cost effective and high performance material that will block the heat from entering your skylight, sunroom or overhead glazing. Mounted into heavy duty frames, they can be fastened …

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My skylight lets the hot sun in, how can I fix it?

Problems with skylight heat This time of year some people experience too much heat gain and/or glare from their skylights. You have several choices:Replace the glazing, Could be a higher performance glass or replace the clear acrylic dome with …

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Sunscreen for Skylights

In Denver we sometimes need help with sunscreen to block out heat and damaging sunrays. Sunscreen is an inexpensive material to use to block UV rays that cause heat and sun-damaging light rays. It is best used when it …

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Light Quality from a Window

backlit L

A Simple Light Quality Experiment Rooms with large windows often still feel dark. Here is a simple test to check the quality of window light and discover if you can benefit from a skylight installation. It’s easy and quick. Step One …

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Controlling the Heat


The Best Way to Block Heat from Entering Your Home Low E³ Glass Modern technologies produce glass coatings with impressive statistics—they let in most of the light and very little of the heat. Replacing your glazing to the new highly …

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