Tinted Skylight

How to block heat from entering your skylight

Many people experience too much heat from their skylight in the spring or summer months. This is especially prevalent if the glazing (glass, acrylic, etc.) on the skylight is made of a clear product.

There are many companies that want to add a film to your glass to “knock down” the heat. We recommend that you change the glazing to a tinted material instead of the film. Plain insulated clear glass can have a film applied, however if the glass is Low E or has any other heat reflecting qualities, the film will damage the seal of the glass.

Acrylic cannot have a film applied. You can replace either the dome or the whole skylight with a bronze tinted dome.

Another choice is to add sunscreen to the outside of the skylight. This is effective because it blocks the heat before it reaches the skylight and turns into radiant heat. This works much better than interior shades.

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