Tile Roof Skylight Leak

Velux FS S06 combi flashing 33226 header

In and Out Ideally, with this close proximity to the house, your skylight weatherproofing should include integration of the home’s siding material. Once we ensure the area around the skylights are just as leak-proof as they are, our crew is able to get in a …

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Skylight Repair | Flashing Replacement

Poorly designed or installed flashing creates leaks. This home has two identical skylights on the roof and one has been leaking. Caulking has been used in an attempt to stop the leak without solving the problem. And that problem is the flashing at the head …

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1 Leaks!

header leaks

The skylights themselves may not be the culprit! If a skylight is mounted properly and sealed to its curb per the manufacturer’s instructions, it is very unlikely that it will leak. More on Leaks

Snow Melting

Best Way to Melt Snow Off of Glass Do you have a problem where snow or ice build-up on your overhead glass is giving you headaches? (pun intended) The best solution we have for you is to replace your glass with heated glass. The glass heating can be controlled …

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Leaking Skylights

How to figure out why your skylight is leaking This is the time of year that we get calls from a variety of people that are experiencing problems with leaking skylights. The question that is frequently asked is why are my skylights leaking now, but …

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