Home Remodel Includes Velux Skylights

We would like a couple skylights installed in our media room.

After finding our company online and an in home visit to discuss options, the owners accepted our proposal to install two VELUX Model FS M08 skylights in their media room. These are relatively large (2.5 feet by 4.5 feet) skylights and will include solar operated room darkening blinds in the Dark Sand color.

It was so bizarre

It was so bizarre to have contractor show up on time, work hard, do a great job and be friendly and knowledgeable too. I wish this company did more than skylights- we would hire them in a heartbeat. This is a better experience than we have had in all of our years of remodels.

January, 14, 2022
Coni Sanders
Denver, CO

A new skylight installation begins inside.

Skylight layout:

install VELUX FS M08 skylights 34201-2

The rafters are located and the exact size and position of the opening is laid out on the ceiling,.

Cutting the ceiling opening:

install VELUX FS M08 skylights 34201-3

A "curtain" of plastic sheeting is hung from the ceiling prior to cutting the opening to control dust and debris.

The new installation is completed up on the roof.


install VELUX FS M08 skylights 34201-4

After stripping the area on the roof down to the deck, the holes are cut, the skylights are mounted and, as seen above, a sticky underlayment surrounds the skylights.

The completed installation:

install VELUX FS M08 skylights 34201-6

The shingles are replaced and the area is cleaned of trash and debris which will be hauled away to our dumpsters.

The end result—Wonderful daylighting with a clear sky view!

install VELUX FS M08 skylights 34201-8

Product Used:

The Skylights:

  • Two VELUX Model FS M08 skylights.
  • Engineered Velux EDL aluminum flashing.
  • Approx. 2.5 foot x 4.5 foot.
  • Pre-finished white frame.

Standard Features:

Velux logo
Energy Star logo

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