Velux Flashing and Cladding Replacement

Parts Availability is Limited:

Replacement VELUX cladding is only available for deck mount skylights.Most VELUX skylights have available flashing kits.

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Flashing Replacement:

Flashing replacement is more labor intensive than cladding replacement. Most VELUX skylights have available flashing kits and we can manufacture custom kits when necessary.

Cladding Replacement:

Replacement VELUX cladding is only available for deck mount skylights. The Product Id is essential to determine the specific parts required.

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  • Cladding is generally available for skylights manufactured between 1995-2010 .
  • Some models manufactured after 2010 will require entire sash replacement.

A Typical Deck Mount Flashing and Cladding Replacement:

This residence in Denver’s Ken Caryl neighborhood had problems with a couple of older VELUX skylights. Built in 1974, the skylights were probably added at a later date.

After this summer’s hail storms, the owners determined that they were in need of repair.

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First Step:

The first step is to remove the shingles around the skylight and strip the existing head, sill, step pieces and cladding.

Ice and water shield is applied around the skylight. A very sticky sheet of goo. It creates a weather tight seal between all of the components. Including the skylight itself.

Second Step:

Now the sill, step pieces and shingles are installed. Finishing with the head piece and the new cladding.

Third Step: Peace of Mind!

  • The skylights have been restored to near new condition and should provide many years of trouble free service.
  • Skylight Specialists, Inc. warrants our workmanship for five years.