Mountain Skylight Repair | Avon

A Mountain Skylight That Leaks.


This mountain skylight repair project, located in Avon, Colorado, involves a large multi-pane skylight that resembles the roof of a sunroom enclosure. There are two sections joined at a hip rafter.


The mountain skylight had leaked for many years—causing damage to the wood structure underneath. Often, these leaks go unnoticed because the water does not work its way completely into the interior—where it would show an obvious leak.

Extreme Mountain Weather Requires Adequate Design To Handle Intense Snow And Ice Exposure.

Special considerations have to be taken into account anytime a contractor builds a structure exposed to the elements in the mountains.

For a mountain skylight we have to know and understand what ice damming is. And how to prevent leakage when damming happens.

In many situations contractors or homeowners try to prevent ice damming with electrical heat tape. This prevents the ice from forming to begin with. At the expense of an increased electric bill!

Although heat tape has it’s uses, we prefer to design systems that do not leak and do not rely on something that could easily fail.

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New Single Slope Skylight With A 90 Degree Bend.

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The skylight was removed along with the roofing shingles, rotted insulation board, and rotted plywood sheathing or decking. After all rotted lumber was removed and the surrounding area cleaned up, the technicians installed new replacement lumber. This included raising the level of the skylight up to the proper height.

Originally, the skylight was embedded in the roof. This created problems with the way the water ran off the skylight and added to the ice damming problem.

By raising the structure and using a well designed glazing system, we eliminated these kind of problems in the future.


Exposing the roof deck revealed rot and other water damage.


Roof deck has been repaired and sealed. Ready for glass installation and covered. Pending glass delivery.