Flat Glass Sun Tunnel Install

VELUX TLR 14 Flat Glass SUN TUNNEL Installation.

Flat glass SUN TUNNEL’s are not very common in the Denver metro area. They are typically used when a client desires a low profile on the roof. Some HOA’s ban acrylic domes on a roof, and this product fits the bill, also.

The difference is on the roof.

Flat glass sun tunnel’s offer the brightest light. That makes them perfect for installations requiring longer runs than typical.

Call us, we’ll discuss options.

This installation had an extra roof!

Built in 2013, the owners of this residence in Thornton’s Heritage Todd Creek Association decided they needed more natural daylight in their home.

They opted for the installation of four flat glass VELUX TLR 14 SUN TUNNEL’s, one with an optional light kit. The light kit uses a CFL to provide night time illumination. Very easy to install on an existing switch circuit.

Not a typical installation.

On this particular project the original construction plan called for roof trusses to be utilized for the roof framing. However, whenever a gable is added, they simply add decking to the trusses and then construct the gable over the top of the trusses. This creates a “double roof” scenario.

This adds a little more time and labor to the installation because of the two separate decks that have to be cut out, and layout is a little trickier.

We are familiar with this type of construction. The costs for the extra time and tubing was discussed and agreed upon before the installation began.

Click on this article for details of a Typical Sun Tunnel Installation process.

Great Results!

The flat glass has such a low profile, it’s easy to miss on the roof.

The warmth added by the natural daylight to the entryway was hard to miss!

Peace of Mind!

  • Skylight Specialists, Inc. warrants our workmanship for five years.
  • Ten year Product Warranty from Velux.
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