Tile Roof Sun Tunnel Installation

A not so typical installation—a VELUX rigid Sun Tunnel on a tile roof.

People call us every day and ask “How much does it cost to have a Sun Tunnel installed?” The answer is “A typical Velux 14″ rigid tube Sun Tunnel installation is $1057.”

This project is a good example of an atypical installation for two reasons, one the tile roof, and two, the unusually long distance between the roof and the ceiling below.

A tile roof requires extra care.

Our specialists are taught the techniques and take the extra time to do the job carefully, neatly and correctly.

After layout and removal of the necessary tiles and roofing materials, a hole is cut in the exposed roof deck. The next step is to install the typical Sun Tunnel flashing and then the atypical—an extra flashing kit designed by Velux specifically for tile roofs. This combination, along with ice and water shield, allows the skylight to blend nearly seamlessly into a tile roof.

The extra height requires extra tubing.

The finished project.

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