Velux Is the Largest Skylight Manufacturer in the World

Velux Is the Best in the Industry

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Velux is the best and largest manufacturer of skylights and roof windows in the world (worldwide they operate under VKR Holdings), and they offer the best warranty in the industry as well. They are on the cutting edge of technology, and continually look for ways to improve their product and acquire the knowledge to create new skylight products.

They also implemented the Velux Solutions program to better service their product and consumers. It is a training program to insure repair technicians are properly and consistently trained. But is also a research and development program that they use to get feedback and ideas from the expert specialists around the world. Skylight Specialists, Inc is proud to be apart of this unique program, where the in-the-field knowledge and experience is used to improve Velux products.

Velux 5 star skylight specialists

Skylight Specialists, Inc. is a Velux certified 5-star specialist and warranty repair technician. They exclusively trusts us to perform the highest quality repairs and warranty work to their skylights in Denver, Front Range and mountain communities of Colorado.

If you feel you have a warranty issue with your Velux skylight, simply call the technical service department at 1 (800) 88-VELUX (1-800-888-3589) and ask to have a service technician come out to your home.

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