MAGS Bar to the Rescue!

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Inside: On the Roof: Light Play: Product Used: MAGS Bar a Multiple Application Glazing System by Skylight Specialists, Inc. Solarban 70XL low E3 tempered over clear heat strengthened laminated glass.…

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Where are the Skylights?

Open up your kitchen into adjacent spaces. In this article from houzz, there are five examples of how kitchens can be remodeled to remove barriers to their adjacent spaces. The open plan kitchen is a popular remodeling strategy and …

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Spring (Cabin) Fever

skylights spring

Enjoying Spring in Quarantine Spring is a little different this year. While we’re practicing social distancing, a lot of time will be spent indoors instead of being outside with the beautiful Colorado weather. But as the trees and flowers …

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Velux Combi Project

featured project velux combi flashing

Velux Combi Flashing and Skylight Replacement. What Is Velux Combi Flashing? Combi flashing allows for large installations of multiple skylights. This modular system allows easy installation of an unlimited number of skylights closely together. This can dramatically transform interior …

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10 Reasons to Love Skylights

get inspired living room

Houzz Loves Skylights Too!

While it’s easy for us to proclaim our love for skylights, it’s always nice to see others state their love too! Here is Houzz’ top ten reasons to love skylights:…

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