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Borders Lodge Skylight Replacement

Just a couple miles south of Avon is the beautiful mountain village of Beaver Creek. This popular ski-town is home to the sprawling Borders Lodge, an elegant resort that offers fantastic views from it’s unique location on the hillside.

The Borders Lodge also houses several older VELUX deck-mount skylights that were originally installed in the late 80’s. As each skylight reaches the end of its life span these twenty-five plus years later, Skylight Specialists is regularly called upon for their replacement.

VELUX VSS & FS “Combi” Replacement

This particular project is somewhat unique in the fact it’s a 1×2 combined configuration (one skylight installed right above the other), also installed on tile roofing. These types of configurations commonly include one fixed skylight and one venting, as is the case with this project. This set-up provides double the light an individual install would offer, while also creating a ventilation source at a more effective cost.

Special Flashing

Because these skylights are installed within such close proximity to one another, the method of weatherproofing is different than usual. As we touched on above, these are also installed on tile roofing which has its own requirements for weatherproofing. Tile roofing is set on roof battens that will be removed in order to apply the ice & water seal you see wrapped around the perimeter of the skylights below.
Once this is finished, we’re able to install the special flashing kit made by VELUX specifically for tile roofs and put everything back together again!

Improved Interior Aesthetic

The new VELUX skylights were special ordered to include a stain-able interior finish as opposed to the white interior before it. This matched the customer’s pre-existing interior finish much better than the stark white vinyl would have.

Product Used

Two (2) VELUX skylights with stain-able interior finish and EDW tile-flashing kits:
One (1) model VSS S06
One (1) model FS S06
Both skylights also included a solar-operable room-darkening shades.

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Borders Lodge skylight replacement 26920
Before and after.

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