Mountain Home Gets New Velux Skylight

Bedroom skylight will improve daylighting.

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The owners of this residence in Edwards, CO contacted us about adding a skylight in their bedroom. Edwards is an unincorporated community in Eagle County and with a population over 10,000, one of the largest towns in the Vail Valley.

Their bedroom is a perfect candidate for a new skylight. By placing it near the corner windows, it will balance the light coming into the room from the corner windows. Shadows and glare will be reduced and the sky view makes the space seem larger and cheerier, more welcoming.

The metal roof:

The home was about a year old and had been built with metal roofing—a common feature found in mountain communities designed to shed some of the heavy snowfalls. It does present some unique problems that require expertise and the proper equipment to solve.

Since Velux does not make a flashing kit designed for curb mounted skylights on a metal roof, head and sill pieces of the ECL flashing kit are used and we construct custom flashing for the sides. The results are perfect!

With the necessary roof panels removed, a hole is cut in the roof deck. Then ice and water shield is applied around the exterior, wrapping up the sides of the curb. Next the flashing is created and installed along with the trimmed roof panels. The interior of the skylight shaft is framed and drywall is installed. And our texture specialist applies the finishing touches.

The finished results:

Product used:

One Velux FCM 4646 with an ECL flashing kit and CS00 white, solar operated, room darkening blinds.
Lots of custom metal work.

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