Hail Season

We are entering the 2005 hail season here in Colorado

Whenever I hear reports of severe hailstorms on the news or internet the first thing that we do at Skylight Specialists is make sure our customers can reach us by telephone.


Good question, keep reading for the answer.

If the outer acrylic dome or glass is broke but not the inner layer your skylight should not leak.

If both layers are broke and you have the ability, wait till the storm has passed by, make sure lightning is not a concern and then cover your skylight first with plywood and then plastic.

If you don’t have the ability to cover your skylight you can always call our company for help or another Emergency Service Company. You can find them in the Yellow Pages under “Glass Board-Up Services”.

Then call us and we will get your correct replacement skylight estimated and installed quickly. DON”T just replace the outer layer of glazing as you will have problems in the very near future. You do not need to wait to hear from your insurance company prior to getting damaged skylights replaced. We take digital pictures and can forward these to your insurance claim agent.

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